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Sturdy: Prevents OHKO moves, and prevents this Pokemon from being OHKOed by any attack if it is at full health.

[Hidden Ability] Sand Force: Boosts the power of Rock-, Steel- and Ground-type attacks in a Sandstorm.


HP 70
Atk 105
Def 105
Sp Atk 50
Sp Def 40
Spd 20

Set Name Nature Item

RPToru Jolly Life Orb

Moves Ability EVs

Rock Polish
Stone Edge
Sand Force
16 HP / 252 Atk / 240 Spd

Boldore's extremely low Speed is a big let down, which means it needs to run a lot of EVs to even outrun Aipom after a +2 boost. However, with Life Orb and proper support, Boldore can be quite a big threat regardless; something as small as Sand Stream from Hippopotas makes this set so much more threatening thanks to Sand Force. Boldore's moveset is mainly for power and coverage. Rock Polish is the crux of this set, and is Boldore's best possible way of getting a sweep, as its highly exploitable Special Defense makes it very easy to counter by common bulky Grass- and Water-types such as Ivysaur, Gloom, Croconaw and Tangela. Earthquake and Stone Edge form a QuakeEdge combo which is almost unresisted besides Bronzor and Baltoy, who cannot take Boldore down, anyway. Explosion is mainly for a final chance to take out a strong wall or something you can't touch without its immense power, such as said bulky Water- and Grass-types.

The Attack EVs are a given on this set to give Boldore as much attacking power as possible, while the Speed EVs allow Boldore to outpace a max Speed Aipom, who can hit it with a super effective Brick Break. Its low speed means it can't outrun anything much faster, which means one should aim to get 2 Rock Polishes up if a full-team sweep is to be attempted by Boldore. The remaining EVs are dumped into HP, although be sure that Boldore has an odd-numbered HP stat to aid with Life Orb recoil.

Credit to PDC for this set.

Other Options

Team Benefit    tangelamagmargloom

Boldore's best partner is Hippopotas. Sandstorm weakens enemy Pokemon's STAB Grass and Water attacks by boosting Boldore's rather low Special Defense, and also boosts Earthquake's and Stone Edge's power thanks to Sand Force. Another great partner is Magmar; Bronzor and Baltoy can be eliminated by Fire Blast and Hidden Power Grass, giving Boldore less of a reason to use Explosion or switch out. Grass Pokemon can help take out bulky waters, while offering much-appreciated synergy with Water and Grass attacks, things Magmar and Hippopotas do not help with. Tangela, Ivysaur, Gloom and Skiploom are the most notable for this, as they carry Stun Spore and Sleep Powder, crippling the foe's Pokemon enough to let Boldore set up Rock Polish (using it twice isn't a bad idea).

Checks/Counters   grotletangelagurdurrwartortlemarshtomp

Despite its power, Boldore has many counters. Wartortle, Croconaw and Marshtomp can take even a boosted Stone Edge and strike back with Surf for a OHKO all the time, even if it runs no Sp Atk EVs (Sandstorm means it's a 2HKO, however). Tangela and Grotle can also easily take Boldore out by attacking with Energy Ball for a 2HKO, while not taking much damage from Stone Edge. Bulky Fighting-types such as Gurdurr and Pignite can take most of it's hits, but will fall to Explosion.


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