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Shed Skin: Has a 30% chance of curing an inflicted status condition each turn.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Sweeper Naive Life Orb

Moves EVs

Bug Bite
Hidden Power Fighting / Hidden Power Ice
200 Atk / 252 Spd / 56 Sp Atk

Burmy doesn't get much attack-wise. The four listed moves are all it can learn. Regardless, Bug Bite and Hidden Power Fighting hit nearly half of the NU NFE tier for super-effective damage, and coupled with Burmy's passable Speed NU-wise, can provide a decent sweep. Hidden Power Fighting hits Azurill, Sentret, Jigglypuff, Togepi and Whismur all for super-effective damage. However, Burmy is answerless to Pokemon such as Zubat and Bulbasaur with the listed moves, so Hidden Power Ice is listed as an alternative to deal with these Pokemon.

Team Benefit nidoran male nidoran female squirtle

With Burmy's low stats and limited movepool, Burmy rarely works in other NFE tiers. In NU, however, Burmy can work on stall teams with its access to Protect, while still maintaining usefulness as a sweeper. This makes Burmy useful on Toxic stall teams, making Nidoran-M or Nidoran-F useful teammates, being able to set up Toxic Spikes. Burmy lures Fire attacks, which gives Squirtle and Piplup opportunities to switch in and revenge kill the foe, or possibly force a switch.

Counters zubat pidgey starly

In NU, Zubat is arguably the ultimate counter. It can hit Burmy with a myriad of super-effective hits, including Heat Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb and U-Turn, and takes little damage from most of Burmy's attacks, bar a super-effective Hidden Power. Magikarp outspeeds Burmy, and can use Bounce to either force a switch, or deal serious damage the next turn. Pidgey and Starly both outspeed Burmy, and can hit with a super-effective Brave Bird or U-Turn.


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