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Heatproof: Damage from Fire-type attacks is halved.

Levitate: This Pokemon is immune to Ground-type attacks.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Dual Screen Careful / Calm Chesto Berry

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock
Light Screen
252 HP / 168 Def / 88 Sp Def

One of the best OU NFE walls in the game, Bronzor is blessed with a wide utility movepool, most notably the access to both Light Screen and Reflect, as well as Stealth Rock. The idea with this set is to set up Stealth Rock on the first turn, and taking damage from the opponent, hoping for a 3HKO, or a switch. After suffering the second attack, Resto is to be activated, restoring Bronzor's HP. From there, the appropriate screen is to be set-up based on what the opponent attacked you with, although it becomes tricky if the opponent is a mixed sweeper. After the screens are up, it makes setting-up another Pokemon on your team much easier, only receiving half of the damage they would normally take. While this set is highly susceptible to Taunt, it should be noted that Bronzor has a hard time dealing damage in OU because of its meager 24 Attack and Special Attack stats, and even with a super-effective hit, cannot usually leave a considerable dent in Sneasel, Golbat, Gligar or even Monferno, who are the most common Taunt-users in OU. Hypnosis while holding Light Clay is also an option for this set, although Hypnosis is unreliable with a 60% accuracy rating. Rain Dance or Sunny Day are options for any of the listed attacks in this set, as well as using the appropriate weather rock in conjunction with the weather effect to create a successful weather-setter to any OU NFE Rain or Sun team. What sets Bronzor apart from other setters of these is its defenses and access to Stealth Rock.

The EVs give Bronzor the best tanking ability to be able to pull off the utility set-up. Investing 20 EVs into Speed allows Bronzor to outspeed neutral-natured, 0 Speed Rhyhorn and Duskull, although such a situation is conditional, and sacrifices Bronzor's necessary defensive EVs to the point where it's not worth it.

Set Name Nature Item

TrickZor Bold Ability-Levitate Choice Specs

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock / Shadow Ball
Signal Beam
Grass Knot
248 HP / 252 Sp Atk / 8 Def

Slow TrickChoicers are valuable to a team in their ability to immediately lock the opponent into an attack. And with Bronzor's useful resistances, it can usually pull this off before being KO'ed by the opponent's initial attack. Stealth Rock gives Bronzor a generally more useful attack to use after Trick is used, as those who are not weak to Signal Beam or Grass Knot will usually take manageable damage from them, as Bronzor will no longer have the Choice Specs that makes them usable. Signal Beam gives coverage against Sneasel, Grovyle and Kadabra, the latter of whom can be switched into because of Bronzor's x4 resistance to Psychic if one can predict correctly. Although Psychic has rather poor type coverage, it gives Bronzor a much-needed STAB boost to attack foes who are neutral against it, and is an alternative to both of the listed attacks. Grass Knot is your best option against Onix, Graveler and Marshtomp.

With 24 for Special Attack, Bronzor needs maximized Special Attack if it is to leave a dent in the Pokemon that it is meant to attack, and even that requires Choice Specs to power them enough to take down Gravelers who invest in Special Defense. The rest of the EVs are delegated to defenses, where HP provides the best overall tanking ability.

Team Benefit machoke croconaw magmar

Although Bronzor has respectable defenses NFE-wise, and great typing to back it up, its low attacking stats somewhat limit it. Still, it makes one of the best Screen setters in the game, giving bulkier set-uppers such as Croconaw, Bidoof, Charmeleon and Pupitar a much easier time setting up Dragon Dance and Curse, respectively. Its x4 resistance to Psychic makes it a good candidate alongside Golbat, Machoke and Haunter for switching out from dangerous Psychic attacks from Kadabra. It is one of the very few NFEs that resist QuakeSlide, making it a good candidate for Fire-types who are weak to both attacks. Many foes will either see that Bronzor has Levitate, or at times assume it, which allows you a switch-back to a Fire-type when the opponent uses a Fire attack.

Counters murkrow gligar

Nearly any Taunter shuts down Bronzor entirely. Murkrow is notable for this, as it can hit Bronzor with a super-effective Heat Wave, although a Specs Signal Beam is worth watching out for. Magmar and Charmeleon are resistant to Signal Beam and Grass Knot, are hardly hurt by even a STAB Psychic, and can threaten Bronzor with Flamethrower. Gligar takes manageable damage from most attacks, and can set up Swords Dance against Bronzor, although it must be wary of the occasional Hypnosis. Mantyke has enough Special Defense to take even a Choice Specs-boosted Psychic, and can attack Bronzor with neutral Water attacks, or set-up against it.


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