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Simple: Doubles stat increases and decreases.

Unaware: Ignores stat changes on the opponent's Pokemon.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

CurseDoof Careful Ability-Simple Leftovers

Moves EVs

Yawn / Superpower / Amnesia / Quick Attack
Aqua Tail
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Atk

Don't laugh. In spite of Bidoof being known as Sinnoh's D student, and those glaringly large teeth, it can be a completely different Pokemon in NFE. With Simple doubling the Curse and Amnesia effects, Bidoof can become a fully-defensive tank AND a highly-pumped physical powerhouse in only 2 turns. Aqua Tail and Return are highly recommended on this set due to the type coverage they provide (Water and Normal are unresisted in NFE), although the second slot is all up to preference. It should be noted that while Superpower is powerful, Simple also doubles stat decreases, and so Bidoof's stats will decrease by 2. Yawn is an option to help with setting-up, while Amnesia boosts Bidoof's capabilities to ridiculous levels in just 2 turns by using Curse in conjunction with it.

Special Defense is maximized with this set to give Bidoof an opportunity to set-up without being KO'ed, or receiving too much damage to sweep. Of course, sending Bidoof out against a bulky Pokemon with mere Special attacks, such as (in OU) Bronzor (even physical variants won't do much) and Sealeo, and Chinchou, Exeggcute, etc. in UU.

Set Name Nature Item

UtiliDoof Impish Ability-Unaware Leftovers

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave
252 HP / 160 Def / 96 Sp Def

Bidoof also has the fortune of having access to multiple utility moves. However because of Bidoof's Speed issue, it is susceptible to Taunt, so this may not be a wise lead for your team. This set is best utilized after you are sure the opponent's Pokemon does not have this very crippling move, as it only gives Bidoof the option of using Return. Bidoof also gets Substitute, Toxic, Sunny Day and Rain Dance as options for any of the listed moves, although Bidoof is usually too pokey to utilize Substitute. If you do choose to use Bidoof as a lead in UU, it is recommended that you use Aqua Tail over Return, as it does more damage to Omanyte, Onix, Anorith and Geodude, all of which are common Stealth Rock leads.

The EVs listed guarantee that Bidoof is never OHKO'ed by a Life Orb Staravia's Brave Bird, while the recoil coupled with Return leads to a KO on a standard Staravia when factoring in Brave Bird recoil. The Special Defense EVs insure that Bidoof is always 3HKO'ed by a lead Golbat's Air Slash, and is always 2HKO'ed by Sludge Bomb, and because of Unaware, Nasty Plot is rendered useless upon Bidoof.

Team Benefit baltoy chingling exeggcute

Bidoof works very well with Trick Room teams, as Curse lowers its Speed by 2 points, rather than 1, making it extremely slow with its already lackluster Speed. It also appreciates Rain support to power up Aqua Tail, although it can't really utilize Rain any other way. This makes teammates such as Baltoy useful, as Bidoof can easily switch out to Baltoy as it sets up Trick Room. Common threats to Baltoy such as Wartortle and Ivysaur are much less a threat to Bidoof after it gets a Curse boost up, as well. Being a Normal-type, Bidoof works for a switch-in from Pokemon who are weak to Ghost-type attacks, such as Duskull, Chingling, Drifloon, Exeggcute, and Abra when faced with Shadow Sneak, although Ghost-types work best, as Bidoof can switch-out to one of them when faced with a Fighting attack. With Bidoof's lack of recovery, Wish-users can prolong Bidoof's survival. Natu and Chingling are notable for doing this if you can attract your opponent to hit you with a Ghost attack, from which Bidoof can switch into.

Counters chimchar aipom buneary porygon machop haunter sneasel

The key to defeating Bidoof is either hitting it hard before it gets the chance to set-up, or Taunting it straightout. Taunt in itself virtually ruins Bidoof, and since almost all Taunters are faster than Bidoof, they can severely limit its options before it gets to use any of its utility or set-up moves. Trick-users also render Bidoof nearly useless. Pokemon such as Shuppet, Chimchar, Aipom, Glameow and Stunky fit the Taunt role well, while Buneary, Togepi and Porygon can work with Tricking a Choice Specs to Bidoof.

Machop can slam Bidoof with Dynamicpunch, delivering huge damage even if it does pull off a Curse, as can Machoke in OU. Sneasel doesn't appreciate Superpower, but it can hit Bidoof with Brick Break for super-effective damage, and render it nearly useless due to lack of recovery. Haunter is immune to Fighting and Normal, and can use Will-O-Wisp to ruin its Attack power.

In UU, Duskull works well, as it is immune to Fighting and Normal, and can outspeed and burn Bidoof with Will-O-Wisp, and coupled with Duskull's already passable Defense, can manage a 3HKO from Aqua Tail, even with no Defense investment. Combusken can hit Bidoof with a STAB Sky Uppercut or Brick Break, or if Bidoof has already used Curse, Vacuum Wave. It can also burn Bidoof with Will-O-Wisp. Gastly can do the same role as Haunter to Bidoof in UU.


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