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Clear Body: Prevents status reduction.


HP 40
Atk 55
Def 80
Sp Atk 35
Sp Def 60
Spd 30

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Adamant Choice Band

Moves EVs

Zen Headbutt
Iron Head
Take Down
252 Atk / 40 Sp Def / 216 Spd

Beldum's movepool is anything but extraordinary, but its Steel typing and access to dual STAB attacks makes it somewhat usable in UU NFE. With a Choice Band, Beldum's Attack is boosted to 343, which is quite usable. Zen Headbutt and Iron Head are Beldum's main STAB attacks, hitting Grimer, Ekans, Koffing, Nidorina, Makuhita, Machop and Anorith hard. Beldum's surprising Speed allows it to outspeed the majority of these Pokemon. Iron Head's 30% flinch rate is very welcome on foes such as neutral-natured, 0 Speed Rhyhorn, Seel, Cubone, Omanyte and Pineco, all of whom are outsped by this set. Headbutt is mainly filler on this set in that Iron Defense is extremely situational; it's only usable if one can predict Trick or Switcheroo from the foe, which given Beldum's obvious set, is a rather odd choice for the foe, and even after that, the extra Defense boost may or may not even pay off. Still, it is a useful alternative to Take Down if the foe's team has already been substantially weakened enough for Headbutt's power cut to not matter, as the recoil that comes with Take Down can take a good toll on Beldum in the long run.

216 Speed ensures that Beldum can outspeed a neutral-natured, 0 Speed Rhyhorn, Makuhita and Grimer for a hit with Zen Headbutt or Iron Head, respectively. Although Beldum can't do a whole lot to it, Duskull is also outsped. Attack is maximized to give Beldum the optimal attacking stat, which is just enough to make Beldum a useful Choice Band user, while the remaining EVs are dumped into Special Defense to help sponge Special attacks, which will most commonly be used against Beldum.

Team Benefit phanpy cubone lombre wartortle natu drifloon

Because of Beldum's extremely shallow movepool, many opponents will know its set before it even attacks. This means scouting the foe's team for Pokemon that resist most of its moves (and Pokemon such as Aron and Onix who will take next to nothing from its attacks) is highly useful. Using tanks that rely on physical attacking to do any type of damage that are weak to Ground or Rock attacks, such as Cubone, Shieldon, Phanpy or Sandshrew, or even Pokemon such as Meowth and Glameow as leads, can lure out these dangerous Pokemon that threaten to end Beldum. To counter these foes, Lombre is a very good candidate in that it can threaten with a Water or Grass attack, which leaves the foe guessing what to send in as their counter unless they carry a Grass Pokemon of their own. Other counters for Onix, Shieldon, Aron and Geodude include Ivysaur, Wailmer, Wartortle, Exeggcute and Prinplup.

Beldum highly appreciates Stealth Rock support in that it discourages Hondour from switching in, who resists both of Beldum's STAB attacks, and gives Beldum a much-appreciated boost to its attack. Its high predictability will also naturally force a lot of switches, making additional entry hazards very useful. In general, Beldum's main selling point for a team spot is its multiple resistances, as its shallow movepool means it's extremely susceptible to any type of physical wall. Beldum synergizes well with Natu, Baltoy and Drifloon, in that all three of them can freely switch into Ground attacks and for the most part Fighting attacks, while all of them take neutral to Fire. Baltoy can also lure Toxic many times, which Beldum can freely switch into. For Natu and Drifloon, Beldum can easily switch into any Rock attack aimed at it, although common Rock attack-using Pokemon such as Onix and Shieldon should be only used as a type of pivot because Beldum can do next to nothing to either of them. Beldum can also switch into many Ice attacks that normally hinder Beldum and Natu.

Counters onix rhyhorn houndour

Any Pokemon with a good amount of Defense works well. Onix has the highest Defense in UU NFE, and can 2HKO or 3HKO Beldum with a STAB Earthquake, while taking very little damage, and only being somewhat afraid of Iron Head. Aron and Shieldon both laugh at anything Beldum can dish out, and can set up against Beldum or attack with Earthquake. While it may not do much to Beldum, Beldum can't do very much more back, especially if Aron or Shieldon hold Leftovers. Houndour can come in on anything but Take Down or Headbutt, and immediately threaten Beldum with a STAB Flamethrower or Fire Blast. Slowpoke can come in on both of Beldum's STAB attacks and freely set up with Curse, although repeated Take Downs will wear it down if it doesn't carry Slack Off.


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