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Sturdy: Negates OHKO moves.

Rock Head: Prevents recoil damage.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Metal Burst Brave Ability-Rock Head Chesto Berry

Moves EVs

Metal Burst
Head Smash
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Atk
0 Speed IV

Metal Burst is an interesting move. It acts like Counter and Mirror Coat, but will only work if it goes last, thus the Brave nature and low Speed IV. After you surprise the opponent with the Metal Burst attack, you can either Resto away the damage on the switch, or use Earthquake or Head Smash on the turn they think you will use Metal Burst again, with good prediction, of course. Earthquake and Head Smash together combine for QuakeSlide, which is only resisted by Baltoy and Bronzor in NFE.

The EVs give you the best Metal Burst output damage. Aron doesn't really need Defense EVs, since you want to do as much damage as you can with Metal Burst, and its naturally high Defense is usually enough for a 2HKO for attacks not named Earthquake.

Set Name Nature Item

CBRon Adamant Ability-Rock Head Choice Band

Moves EVs

Head Smash
Shadow Claw
252 Atk / 244 Spd / 8 Def

Aron is a bit slow for a Choice Band-user, but it can switch into physical attacks better than almost any other UU NFE, giving it a chance to KO common threats such as Carvanha, Krabby, Doduo and Luxio, KOing all of them with one attack or another. Head Smash is Aron's main attacking move, decimating anything that doesn't resist it. Head Smash scores a KO on a 252 HP Ivysaur, any Wartortle with less than 252 HP / 120 Def without a Bold Nature (Stealth Rock included), and even has a 33% chance to OHKO the standard tank Cubone. Earthquake provides passable coverage, 2HKOing the standard Onix and Rhyhorn, while 2HKOing Wartortle and Ivysaur. Superpower is for the most part filler, since Aron hits foes such as Loudred and Eevee, although it does secure a OHKO on Omanyte, who otherwise is 2HKOed. Shadow Claw is, again, filler for the most part, since Head Smash does more damage to every Psychic and Ghost type in UU NFE bar Baltoy, Beldum and Meditite, and only truthfully works when the 80% accuracy of Head Smash is undesirable for a KO against Drowzee, Kirlia, Shuppet and Chingling.

Team Benefit bayleef drifloon exeggcute lombre gloom

Aron works for a decent physical wall for a UU NFE team, although its Defense is highly hampered by its x4 weakness to Fighting and Ground attacks. Grass-types in general make good pairings, as Aron takes very little damage from almost any Flying attack, has a handy immunity to Toxic and Sludge Bomb, and is resistant to Bug. Because Aron has a huge weakness to Ground, and is weak to Water, it can usually switch out to said Grass types with a bit of prediction. In UU, Exeggcute makes a good lure for Bug attacks, and is resistant to both Fighting and Ground attacks aimed at Aron. While Lombre is neutral to Fighting, it boasts a x4 resistance to Water attacks, and can hit back Ground-type Aron counters with either a Grass or Water attack, sometimes complicating switch-out predictions for the opponent. Roselia is also a very good counter, as it resists Fighting, Ground and Water, and attracts Flying attacks. Gloom makes a good pairing for the same reasons as Roselia. Synergy-wise, Drifloon and Gastly work well, as both of them are immune to Ground and Fighting attacks.

Counters onix rhyhorn omanyte

Nearly any Earth Power, Fighting attack or Ground attack can do serious damage to Aron. Baltoy can take Aron's most common attacks with ease, and is resistant to QuakeSlide, while being able to hit back with a STAB Earth Power for heavy damage, or in more cases, a OHKO. Onix, Rhyhorn, Geodude or Machop are usually faster than Aron, and can counter with Earthquake or a Fighting attack, respectively. Onix and Rhyhorn both have enough Defense to take even Superpower from the Choice Band set. Omanyte has enough Defense to take anything but a Choice Band EQ, and can cause heavy damage with Surf. Mankey cannot switch into Aron, but can cause an instant KO with Close Combat, or even Earthquake.


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