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Nintendo to Create Mobile Games, New 'NX' Game System
03-18-2015, 04:28 PM
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Nintendo to Create Mobile Games, New 'NX' Game System
Nintendo on Tuesday announced a new partnership with DeNA to develop mobile games and a "new multi-device membership service for consumers worldwide," while separately teasing a new game system called "NX."

The deal with Tokyo-based DeNA includes a capital investment component, with Nintendo acquiring 10 percent of DeNA's publicly traded shares for about 22 billion yen ($180 million) and DeNA acquiring 1.24 percent of Nintendo's shares, also for 22 billion yen.

The revelation of a new hardware platform occurred at the same Tokyo press conference where the DeNA news was announced.,2817,2478376,00.asp

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03-27-2015, 07:40 PM (This post was last modified: 03-27-2015 07:46 PM by Yuuka Kazami.)
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RE: Nintendo to Create Mobile Games, New 'NX' Game System
I have never heard of DeNA. Obviously this means that they will do an incredible job and couldn't possibly mess up! (Looking at you, CD-i)

A new game system sounds cool. If it ends up being called the Nintendo X I will shoot something with my fist. It will probably hurt and I will bleed and cry on the floor but point is it would be worth it.

I really hope they stop targeting hardcore players like with the Wii U; first off, they're kind of bad at it (games aside), and secondly and more importantly they made way more money with the Wii than with its successor, because generally speaking, people buy more when it's cheap, simple, and casual. (The Wii completely shat over the rest of its generation in terms of sales, after all.) It kind of drops Nintendo's reputation but the fact that they're the company that makes kid-friendly games garners more attention from new and expecting parents, as well as parents with younger kids, and of course the kids themselves. Which, according to this fun little stat called "common sense", is about more than half the population at any given time.

My eight-year-old cousin and his five-year-old sister both enjoy Smash Bros. That's the kind of audience they should target. (Hardware-wise. Software- and game-wise, they've been doing a good job with them and I wouldn't suggest changing anything.)

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