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Pokerealm's Damage Calculator v1.7.2
11-02-2013, 08:12 PM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2013 08:13 PM by Cirrus.)
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Pokerealm's Damage Calculator v1.7.2
I forgot to make a thread about this...there are a lot of features with the calculator so I think they deserve some explanation.

First off, the calculator can be found here:

The first page is pretty straightforward - keep in mind that some of the options in Other Options... do not work yet, including a few abilities.

The second page is what I would like to explain so people can use the calculator. After you make a damage calculation, the calculator will temporarily save the data for both the attacker and defender. I will illustrate with an example: a Doublade vs Sneasel.

Say you want to find out how much damage Sneasel's Punishment will do to Doublade (hint, not very much). We put Sneasel's data into the calculator for the attacker (95 Atk, 252 Atk EVs, life Orb, etc.) and for the defender we put Doublade's info (252 HP / Def, etc).

When you hit Calculate it will tell you the result - you now have more options you can do to batch calculate either the attacker or defender. This is one of the main features of the calc - you can see the damage output for multiple pokemon at a time. For this example we will look at how Doublade can do defensively against the OU NFE tier.

Tier - This will be the tier you want to calculate against. In our example we will set the dropdown to Gen-6-OU-NFE so that we can see what the most common OU NFE attackers can do against it.

Batch Calculate Attacker / Defender - If we wanted to calculate Sneasel's Punishment against the most common OU NFE Pokemon, we would select "Batch Calculate Attacker", but we want to see Doublade's defensive powers, so we choose "Batch Calculate Defender". In the new area that shows up (it will only show if you have Javascript enabled, otherwise you cannot batch calculate), you must input the Level (default 100) and the type of the Pokemon (in this case Ghost / Steel).

Show HTML in separate box - If you want to quickly copy and paste some calculations into a forum post, you can check this and find the HTML code of a particular calculation. You can then immediately copy and paste it into a forum message to show people the calculation along with the HP bars.


BE CAREFUL WITH THE RESULTS, as of right now it looks only at the Pokemon's actual stat you put in and uses that for both Def AND Sp. Def - I will be fixing this next. In other words the calculator will show you results of all the typical OU NFE Pokemon's attacks against Doublade if its stats were 59 HP / 150 Def / 150 SpDef, with EVs and IVs in effect. So you should only be looking at physical moves like Archen and Croconaw's results - those will be a correct calculation.

Any bugs or suggestions can be posted here, I will also be using this thread to post updates.

Known Bugs
-The incorrect Def / Sp Def thing mentioned above
-Some abilities do not work for the attacker in the main Other Options... part, and I don't think many of the defender ones work yet, either. I am trying to focus on the features that are most important, and Helping Hand / Charge is not all that important right now, I don't think.


One more important thing to Mark / whoever else may be admin now: You can add more Pokemon to the batch calculations by going into the damage-calc folder and changing the correct files. Poke around and you will figure out how.
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11-04-2013, 08:32 PM
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RE: Pokerealm's Damage Calculator v1.7.2
i tried this out yesterday, it works great! very useful for making analyses, thank you for the work in making this, cirrus.

i noticed something weird, on the main calc it has a checkbox for STAB and it also has one for the batch calculate attacker. checking the checkbox for STAB on the main calculator page does nothing for the final attacker stat even though it does calculate correctly. it would make more sense to me if you included STAB in the modified attacker stat or at least make it so that if you checked STAB on the first page, that it is automatically checked in batch calculate attacker.

if that sounds confusing, tl;dr: make the batch calculator STAB checkbox either nonexistant and tie STAB into the final attacker stat or make it so it's automatically checked. it's weird how I have to check it twice.

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11-04-2013, 08:35 PM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2013 08:37 PM by Yuuka Kazami.)
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RE: Pokerealm's Damage Calculator v1.7.2
(11-04-2013 08:32 PM)Markiss Wrote:  tl;dr: make the batch calculator STAB checkbox either nonexistant and tie STAB into the final attacker stat or make it so it's automatically checked. it's weird how I have to check it twice.

you're an admin fix it yourself

The damage calculator layout is horribly confusing. I'll make a mock-up later that should make it look better, but my main gripes are the aesthetics aaaaaaaaand "Generation 5 Damage Calculator" should totally be "Generation 5+" or "Generation 6"

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