Forum Announcement: Contributions Rules & Guidelines
07-17-2011, 11:39 PM
Contributions Rules & Guidelines
These rules and guidelines were made to ensure a high standard of quality for all contributions that will go on our website. Please make sure you do not break any of them when you make a submission.

  1. Make sure your submission is necessary
    Do not write something just because you can. Chances are that it won't be needed and you will end up wasting your time. To avoid this, make sure your submissions are updates of old content, corrections of incorrect content or presently nonexistent content.
  2. Do not submit gimmicky and overspecialized strategies
    Strategies that are limited to achieving specific goals rather than general competitive goals will not be accepted as contribution.
  3. Use acceptable English and punctuation
    Do not use phrases such as 'lol' and avoid explicit language. Contributions should be written in American English and at least understandable. Avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as much as you can. Another thing to try and avoid is repetition of certain descriptive words. This may eventually make your writing tiresome to read.
  4. Make sure your contribution is at a reasonable length
    Contributions should be long enough to bring all your points across, but short enough to not be boring. Try to fit at least three to four sentences per paragraph, and at least one paragraph for every general topic you may wish to cover. Note that this is just a guideline, if you do not have anything more to write on a topic, do not just write anything to extend it. Similarly, if you cannot fit all the information you want to into a reasonably-sized paragraph, do not miss out information. Instead, start a new paragraph.
  5. Be concise and organized
    Contributions should be objective, to the point, and should not contain irrelevant or really obvious information. Avoid unnecessary content, but make sure your writing is not bland. The aim is not to put as much information into as little as possible, but to focus only on the most relevant points.
  6. Brighten up your writing
    Although this may contradict the previous guideline, it is equally important. You may want to throw in some similes or metaphors once in a while so your work isn't just a page found in an encyclopedia. However, do not overdo it and avoid cliches. You may end up throwing objectivity out the window. Worse, your writing becomes cringing to read.
  7. Do not plagiarize
    Make sure you present information in submissions in your own words. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be punished severely, and you may never be allowed to submit material again.
  8. Avoid using custom set names
    Give sets names that tell it how it is, such as 'Swords Dance' or 'Choice Scarf'. It is very likely that if you give a set a custom name, a majority of people will have no clue as to what it really is. Exceptions will be made in cases where a custom name if used to refer to set by the majority of the community.
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