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07-16-2011, 09:58 PM
Analysis General Information
What To Do When...

Below are the respective processes to expect when making a submission. Always name your thread the name of the Pokemon you are writing about.

...Posting an Analysis

Before posting an analysis thread, you must first reserve the Pokemon you want to write about here. After that, you may submit a placeholder thread for your analysis, with the (Quality Control) prefix and a (Placeholder) suffix. A skeleton analysis can be made later, which contains the sets you will write about and bullet points to give an idea for what you will write for each section of the analysis. The Quality Control team will then check and decide whether or not the content is acceptable. A skeleton or any further stages of analysis thread should use an (Analysis) suffix. You may choose to omit creating a skeleton altogether and immediately write in paragraphs, but rejection from the Quality Control team will mean that your work will be wasted.

You may pass on your rights to writing certain analysis to any other member who may want it. If you wish to do so, post in the reservations thread, stating that you wish to do so and to whom. The new owner of the rights may then start a new thread which will undergo the whole process from the beginning. Note that copying would be acceptable under this circumstance.

...Posting a Set

You may submit a new set to an already existing and uploaded analysis. The process will be the same as posting an analysis, but any suffixes used will be replaced by a (Set Name) suffix, replacing "Set Name" with the name of the set you are writing about.

...Posting an Update

If any existing uploaded content is outdated, you may submit an update. This ranges from an update of a set to a complete update of an analysis. The update will go through the same respective process as a new analysis or set submission. However, you must replace any suffixes with an (Update) suffix.

Quality Control

All contributions must be checked and approved by three members of the quality control team and then two members of the grammar check team before it is qualified to be uploaded to the website. The purpose of the quality control team is to ensure that submissions have high quality competitive content, while the grammar check team corrects any errors in text and may suggest better phrasing through copy and editing.

When your work is being checked by the quality control team, use the (Quality Control) prefix and a [QC 0/3] suffix (change according to the number of QC approvals). Similarly, use the (Copyediting) prefix and a [GC 0/2] suffix while your work is being checked by the grammar check team. When your work is approved, change the prefix to (Done). Note that even at this stage, it make take some time to get your work uploaded to the website.

Your work may be rejected by QC members for poor competitive value. Two rejections from two different QC members means that your thread will be locked. There is no need to put any suffixes for rejections. Your thread may also be locked by a moderator or an administrator for certain reasons, such as inactivity. If your thread was locked but not rejected, another member may take up to writing the analysis instead.

If you are unsure of what a thread title should look like, here are some examples.

(Quality Control) Gligar (Placeholder)
(Quality Control) Gurdurr (Analysis) [QC 1/3]

(Copyediting) Haunter (Substitute + Disable) [GC 1/2]

(Done) Sneasel (Update)

Quality Control Team:


Grammar Check Team:

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