Forum Announcement: Analysis Formatting Guide
07-15-2011, 01:09 PM
Analysis Formatting Guide
All analysis made should follow this format to ensure readability and ease of uploading it to the website. Note that you do not have to bold any text if you don't want to when it comes to writing that actual analysis.

Begin your thread with a picture of the Pokemon and a link to its Serebii page. The latter allows readers to quickly access information on the Pokemon's moves, base stats, etc. and make suggestions. You may also include any comments you want. Be sure to somewhat clearly separate this from your actual analysis, preferably with some indication similar to the line below.


This should be a brief description of the Pokemon's competitive values, capabilities and downsides lasting one or two paragraphs. Note that this section is not a part of a set.

[Name]: Set Name
[Nature]: Recommended nature(s)
[Ability]: Recommended ability (remove if none in particular)
[Item]: Recommended item(s)
[Move1]: Most important
[Move2]: Second most important
[Move3]: Third most important
[Move4]: Least important
[EVs]: Recommended EV spread
[IVs]: Recommended IVs (remove if none in particular)

[Set Comments]

This section should explain the goal of the set, why it is effective and the choice of moves. The length of this section should be one or two paragraphs. When giving EV spreads, format them like so: '4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe'. Note that the base stats are always abbreviated and ordered like the following: 'HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe'. If you have more than one recommended item, nature or move, format them like so: 'Leftovers / Life Orb', 'Modest / Timid' and 'Fire Blast / Flamethrower'.

[Additional Comments]

The first paragraph of this section goes into more detail about the choice of EVs, IVs, nature(s), ability(s) and item(s). You may also include moves which may be useful for specific purposes, but are not general enough to be slashed on the main set.

The second paragraph should mention team options and specific counters to this set. For general counters to the Pokemon, mention them in the Checks and Counters section instead.

[Other Options]

This section lists less conventional, but situationally useful options the Pokemon may have concerning moves, abilities, sets, etc.

[Checks and Counters]

This section should list general checks and counters to the Pokemon you are writing about and why they check or counter it. It may also mention other features which may stop the Pokemon, such as abilities, typing and battle conditions such as Stealth Rock and why.
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