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06-22-2011, 02:00 PM
Forum Rules
If you have questions about a rule, don't be afraid to ask! Post your question(s) in the site feedback section, or PM a staff member (Administrators, Moderators). These rules are made to ensure your experience at Pokerealm is an enjoyable one. Violating any of the rules will give you an appropriate warning or ban.

  1. Do not troll, flame or pester. This community is for everyone, and we will not tolerate hostility. This is the number one rule for a reason.
  2. Do not spam or advertise. You may have a forum or site link in your signature if you wish.
  3. You are only allowed one account and are responsible for it. If you are caught registering more than one account, you will be immediately IP-banned from the forums. We are also not responsible for your "little brother" abusing your account.
  4. Do not post more than once in a row in the same thread. If you have something to add, edit your existing post. The only exceptions are if you're bumping your thread, or reserving posts.
  5. Do not bump old topics. Any topic of which its last post was added a month or more ago is considered old. Bumping may be excused if it is considered reasonable (e.g. announcing that you have updated an old article).
  6. Do not discuss or share obscene or pornographic content. This includes links, text, images, and any other kind of media. This is a very strict rule here. If you violate this rule, you will receive a permanent ban without question.
  7. Do not mini-mod. It is a mod's job is to handle things like this, that's what they're here for. If you see a post that violates a rule, you may report it to a member of staff instead.
  8. NEVER give out your password to ANYBODY on the forum. No mod or admin will ever ask you for it. If somebody asks you for your password here, notify a moderator or administrator.
  9. Please post in tolerable English. Don't post excessive chatspeak (ex. "plz", "kk", "r u") in your posts or type in all caps. Other languages are disallowed on the forum.
  10. Do not dedicate entire topics asking/telling one or a few members something. We have a private message system for that.
  11. Do not post any personal information on the forums, for your good and ours. This includes full home addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, full names... anything you wouldn't want a complete stranger to know. Use the PM feature if these things are necessary.
  12. Do not post excessively long quotes. Use spoilers if you must post long quotes.
  13. Do not post illegal or misleading links on the forum. This includes ROM links, pirated software sites, etc. Just the same, don't make links that mislead people into going to a site that is not implied by the text or image.
  14. Do not ask the staff to be promoted. Real staff wouldn't have to ask such questions.
  15. Keep swearing to a minimum, and do NOT use swearing to flame or upset any member.
  16. Do not post pictures on the forums directly from another website unless you have permission. Please instead download it and upload it to an image host. If the picture is large, post a link to it rather than posting the picture. This rule applies to avatars and signatures also.

Avatars and Signatures
  • Text is limited to 1000 characters for your signature.
  • Your signature may be no bigger than 669x248:

    [Image: sig_si10.png]
  • The maximum size your avatar can be is 150x125:

    [Image: avatar10.png]

If you have a signature or avatar that is larger than these limits, you will be asked to remove it.
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