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Here, you can download Pokemon teams that are usable on Pokemon Online, a popular online Pokemon-battle simulator.

Clicking on the team you want should trigger the download automatically. If it doesn't, you can right-click the link, and then click "Save As..." to trigger your download. If it still doesn't work, please contact me here.

After the download, right-click the .zip file, and click "Extract". A new folder with your new team in it will appear in the same place as the .zip folder.

Some teams include a .txt file that describes a strategy that makes the team work better. Be sure to check out the extracted folder! Most also include a Pokemon Online version of the team, so it won't matter which you prefer.


Deoxys Kyogre Groudon Mewtwo Darkrai Scizor

Uber team by dragonexpert
An offensive-minded Uber team. It utilizes the most commonly-used attacking types such as Ice and Dark, which are staples in the Uber metagame.


Electrode Skarmory Hippowdon Ludicolo Gengar Gliscor

Team Search and Destroy
A team made by Cirrus that utilizes entry hazards and residual damage to wear the opponent's Pokemon down, and then lead to a late-game sweep. It utilizes Electrode as an unexpected, but effective lead, and debatibly was the start of the fearful Stockpile Hippowdon popularity with its debut of extreme success in becoming extremely difficult to take down.

Machamp Jirachi Rotom Frost Heatran Skarmory Dunsparce

This is a generation 4 team made by Cinnamon Grahams on the forum. It concentrates on Paralysis + confusion paired with entry hazards to deal the majority of damage. When all else fails, back-up sweepers and revenge-killers (Heatran and Rotom) are used to take down foes who aren't shaken by the ParaFusion combo.



NFE Teams



Croconaw Nosepass Sneasel Haunter Grotle Machoke

Team BOOSH by SnorlaxDude
AKA "WWEman112" on Pokemon Online, SnorlaxDude created a Generation 4 OU NFE team that has worked very well in sweeping generation 4 teams. It features one of the best anti-leads of its time and uses unusual threats to take down usual opponents.


Vibrava Croagunk Houndour Frillish Cottonee Scraggy

UU NFE Team by PDC
One of our best NFE players has made a UU NFE team designed for generation 5. This team utilizes uniquely-typed Pokemon and strives to attack with perfect coverage.