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Pokemon Online Pokemon Online Teams
This page contains downloadable Pokemon Online teams that you can use at your leisure on Pokemon Online, a popular online Pokemon battle simulator.
Monitor Wallpapers
Download desktop wallpapers that you can display on your computer.
Cherish Ball Event Pokemon
Miss the big Pokemon event? No worries, we have you covered. You can download Wonder Card files here!
Nintendo 3DS Game Edits
Tired of playing the same version of Pokemon over and over? Looking for a fresh aspect to your Nuzlocke challenge? Take a look here for some modified versions of Pokemon games. Some games will be much more difficult than the normal ones!
Move Synergy Move Synergy Calculator v1.1 (Direct Download)
This is a handy tool created by Cirrus that will tell you what any two attack types will be walled by what Pokemon element combinations. For example, if you put in Fire and Ice, it will tell you that Water-types don't suffer a neutral or super-effective hit. At this point, it only has support for two moves, but nonetheless, it proves useful in planning Pokemon teams.
Metang avatar Pokemon Avatars
Want a new display picture for a forum that you're on? Look here for a collection of small pictures made by our members that you can use as an avatar!
Speed Calculator Menu Speed Calculator v2.4 (Direct Download)
Are you tired of having to use Windows' calculator to find out what you get for a Speed stat after a Choice Scarf for a Pokemon? This tool can help relieve that. Given a Speed stat, EV value, IV value and a few other pieces of information, you can get a result in over half the time!
Pokemon Black and White Sprites Pokemon Sprite Resource
Need sprites? For all the newer Pokemon sprites, this is the place you wanna go! Pokemon Black and White sprites, HeartGold and SoulSilver sprites can be found here, as well as their icon, shiny and animated equivalents.
    Download all posted Black & White Sprites (includes backsprites)
Pokemon Cries (Direct Download)
For those who need them, they're here. This file contains the cries of all 649 Pokemon in .wav format. You may need to convert them to use them in some applications.
Pokemon Online Themes Pokemon Online Themes
We used to have these, but it was difficult to maintain because the PO client updated so much. Now that the developers actually acknowledge the existance of custom themes, they have made it easier to implement. This page will let you download custom-made themes!