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RNG Abuse - The Easy Way


For years up until the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, trainers have been given the agonizing 1 in 8,192 chance of ever knowing what a shiny Pokemon looks like. Naturally, a trainer would become very excited when they find one, and hate themselves for the rest of their days if they have the misfortune of not catching it. Even worse, many times their prized shiny that they do manage to capture is nothing that a competitive Pokemon battler would consider 'usable' in competitive battling! Through breeding in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, anybody can get almost any shiny Pokemon they desire - with a bit of patience of course! Even things as difficult as IV-breeding are to an extent relieved.

You have likely heard of RNG-abusing (AKA the Masuda Method), watched a video or two about it, and still are completely confused on how it works. This guide is a complete spoonfeed of how to get nearly any shiny Pokemon you desire! Let's get started.

  • Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, and of course, a Nintendo DS.
  • A way of finding a Pokemon's IVs. If you have the Action Replay code for it, you're all set. If not, you'll need to do things a bit differently.
  • The RNG Reporter. (This is a newer version than the one depicted below, don't panic, it works exactly the same)
  • Your Secret ID (SID). You can find this through an Action Replay code, or asking someone to check a Pokemon that you caught for it; any Pokemon you obtain yourself will have it.
  • Two parents to breed with, one being the one you wish to have the baby of. Natures do not matter, but having high IVs will be helpful.
    You MUST know if the Pokemon are from an English version of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, or from another version. It will affect what procedures you must undertake.
  • The Pokemon Happiness Checker App for your Poketch (A woman in the Eterna City Pokemon Center will give it to you).
  • The coin Flip App for your Poketch (After beating Candice at the Snowpoint City Gym, go to Route 213 with a Pokemon that knows Rock Climb. A man in one of the houses will give it to you).

  • A Pokemon with Sweet Scent to make Pokemon appear easier.
  • A Master Ball to make capturing easier.
  • A different parent that is from a different-languaged version of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver. The easiest way to obtain one is by simply seeking for one on the GTS; its Nature does not make a difference in the RNGing procedure.

  1. Select the app BEFORE your Pokemon Happiness App to appear in your Poketch (the one where the Pokemon move around).
  2. If you choose to use a Pokemon with Sweet Scent, put it in your Party at this point. You will also want the two parents you plan to breed with in your party.
  3. If you have an Action Replay, and you have the IV checker code readily available, go to Route 209 or Route 210 in your game to make the process easier. If you don't, go to Route 229 (North of the Resort Area), and have with you a Pokemon that will make capturing Lv. 50 Pokemon easier.
  4. Make sure the Day-Care center has no Pokemon in it (the Pokemon you want to breed should be in your party or in the PC).
  5. Go into the grass on either route that you are on, and save the game.

The RNG Reporter program screen used to RNG abuse shiny Pokemon.

Open up the RNG reporter, and fill in your trainer ID and SID. MAKE SURE that Shiny Only is checked! Otherwise, your result might not be a shiny Pokemon. The ability is only needed if the Pokemon you want has 2 abilities, and you prefer to have one over the other. A full list of them can be found here. The same goes with the Nature fields. In the list previously linked to, Ability 0 is equivalent to Class 1, and Ability 1 is equivalent to Class 2.

If both of the parents you are using are from an English version of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, set the Method option to "DPPt Egg PID (Normal)". If one of the parents is from another version of the game, you MUST choose "DPPt Egg PID (International)" to get a shiny egg. It is helpful to have one parent that is from an English version of Pokemon, and another one that is from a non-English version because it will give you two chances to get the desired Pokemon that you want.


  1. After setting up the RNG reporter with the steps above, click on "DPPt Seed Finder". A screen like this should come up:

    RNG Reporter's RNG Seed Finder menu.

    Now turn on your Nintendo DS, and go to the Nintendo DS menu screen.

    Nintendo DS menu.

    In this example, the Nintendo DS time is 3:52 on May 1st, 2010. You would enter the date as normal, but for the time, set it to a few seconds before the minute that you entered into the RNG reporter (in this case, I would enter 3:53). Getting a shiny egg doesn't depend on you starting the game down to the very last second; for the RNGing procedure to work, you must select 'Continue' on the Pokemon game screen during the minute that you entered into the RNG reporter.

  1. After doing this, you should be in the patch of grass near either Solaceon Town (if you have an Action Replay, and the IV checker code enabled), or on Route 229.

  2. Catch a Pokemon in the grass (it doesn't matter which). If you have an Action Replay, find its IVs and enter them into the RNG screen where it has the spaces for each stat, and the Nature. Remember, the IV checker code lists IVs in the order of HP/Atk/Def/Speed/Sp Atk/Sp Def! Make sure that you enter them in correctly, or you won't be able to proceed.

    If you don't have an Action Replay, and are doing this from Route 229, click on the "Find Initial Seed by Stats" tab on the RNG reporter.

    The menu for the Find Initial Seed by Stats menu in the RNG reporter.

    Enter in the requested information, and click 'Find'. If all went well, you should get a result in the gray box. If you get more than one, you will want to choose the one with the lower delay, which typically means less work for you in the future. If you get an error telling you that no data was found, ensure that you entered all the information in correctly. If you still don't get anything, repeat steps 1 and 2.

  3. Click 'OK' with the result that you desire. You will be brought back to the main RNG reporter screen. Now click 'Generate' in the middle left of the RNG screen. You should get something like this:

    The main RNG Reporter menu with a list of results.

    If you don't get anything in the results box, then the seed doesn't match any kind of criteria that you set for the results. If you have an alternate parent that came from another language version of Pokemon, you can go up to the Method option, and select "DPPt Egg PID (International)", and generate a new list that will yield Pokemon only if you breed an English-version Pokemon with a non-English version Pokemon. If you still don't get anything, or the results you get are undesirable (e.g., bad Nature, wrong ability), you will have to repeat steps 1-3. Be patient, as this is one of the most time-consuming steps of the entire RNG-abusing procedure.

  4. After you get a result and a desirable Nature, right-click the result, and click "Calculate Poketch taps...". This will tell you how many times you have to tap your Happiness App (one tap equals one double-touch that causes the Pokemon to jump up), and how many times you will have to flip the Coin Flip App in your Pokemon game for the shiny Pokemon to occur. You always must do the Happiness App taps first, and THEN the Coin Flip apps.

    In a lot of situations, the amount of taps that you will need to do is quite high (800+ in many situations). If you don't wish to do this much work, you will have to repeat steps 1 - 3, and get a new list of results.

  5. Tap your Happiness App the number of times that the results display (again, one tap is equivalent to one double-touch that causes the Pokemon to jump up), and use the Coin Flip App the amount of times displayed.

  6. After you are done, go to Solaceon Town, and deposit the desired Pokemon into the Day-Care. Be sure to use the right nationality of Pokemon! If you get a result from the "DPPt Egg PID (International)" option, and you try breeding two Pokemon that are from an English version of Pokemon, you will not get a shiny egg!

  7. Wait patiently until an egg is produced. When it does, go up to the Day-Care Man, save the game if you wish to soft-reset for IVs, and take the egg. If all went correctly, the Pokemon that hatches will be shiny! You now have your very first RNG-abused shiny Pokemon!

Common Problems

I get a seed but when I advance the frames, the hatched Pokemon isn't shiny, and it has the wrong Nature!
-This happens when you somehow advanced the RNG somewhere between catching the wild Pokemon and talking to the Day-care man. Do not talk to anybody in the game other than the breeding man / woman. If you are using an Action Replay to immediately produce an egg, DO NOT use the egg producing code until you are one step away from the day-care man. Make sure that the app BEFORE the happiness app is set on your Poketch.

Resources and Help

Quick Egg Hatching Action Replay Code for Diamond and Pearl

IV Check Action Replay Code for Diamond and Pearl
When opening up a Pokemon's stat screen, hold Select and Start. The Pokemon should bounce like an egg and its cry should not play. Then exit the Pokemon menu and go into your TM bag. The first 6 TMs will list the Pokemon's IVs in order of HP/Atk/Def/Speed/Special Attack/Special Defense. If a TM disappears, it means that stat is 0. If that happens and you still need to know other IVs, first check another party Pokemon's IVs (to give you back the TMs you had), give a Pokemon a TM that is AFTER the first six, check the target Pokemon's IVs again, and then remove the TM from the holding Pokemon. This will show the rest of the IVs from where the others were cut off.

Quick Breeding Action Replay Code for Diamond and Pearl
Hit L + R to instantly produce an egg. Remember to NOT use this before you are one step in front of the old man, or you will get the wrong frame!

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