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Guide to EV-Training

Introduction and Basics

Okay, I know some people are wondering "what the heck does UT mean? And my Pokemon has nothing to do with Eevee, so why do people say 'EV training'??" Well, here are a few pointers.

This can get very confusing, so read carefully. For each of your Pokemon's stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed) there is an internal 'value' that the game keeps track of. Whenever you beat a Pokemon in the game, your Pokemon gains EV point(s) and this value increases. You do not receive EVs for Wi-Fi battles or Battle Frontier matches, which is something to keep note of. Which stat gets the EV boost depends on the Pokemon that you beat. The EV values are hidden, so there's no way, unfortunately for you to directly see how many the Pokemon has. The maximum value for EACH stat is 255.

EVs are completely different from in-battle stat changes, like those that Swords Dance increases. Get those thoughts out of your head, lock them in a box, drench it in gasoline and set it on fire and throw it out the nearest window. EVs affect a Pokemon's original stat values.

Now let's take a Lapras for example. Whenever you beat a Lapras, your Pokemon will gain 2 HP EVs. Whenever your Pokemon achieves 4 EVs in any one stat, its original stat number will increase by one point on level-up. In this example, if you beat two Lapras', your Pokemon's original HP stat will increase by one more point than it normally would on level up. Confused yet? Let's say you have an Azelf. Let's say on level up, it would receive 2 more HP points. Now if you beat two Lapras', that equals 4 EVs. Azelf's HP would increase by 3 points instead of 2. To put it in more simple terms, if you have ever played the classic Zelda games, you know that you need 4 Heart Pieces to acquire one heart container. The same is true with EVs-one EV itself will not change anything during level up. In the same manner, having 3 EVs in a stat will not increase the stat during level-up because 4 are needed.

Monferno with +1 in Attack
A Pokemon who has 1, 2 or 3 EVs in Attack will not get an
extra Attack point on level-up.
Monferno with +2 in Attack
Monferno has 4 EVs in Attack during level up, and so
its Attack stat increases by 3.

Now you're probably saying to yourself "Golly gee, Cirrus, so that means I could beat 1200 Lapras' and get a HP increase of 300 points and give a Blissey 999 Hit Points?!"

Nope. There's a limit. Your Pokemon's overall EV limit is 510 EV points. After that, EVs are not counted at all. On top of that, as mentioned earlier, each stat has a maximum EV limit of 255. In other words, you cannot give any Pokemon, say, 300 EVs in any one particular stat. Here are a few examples:

An EV spread of 510 Attack CANNOT be done for a Pokemon because the maximum EV count for any one stat is 255.
An EV set of 367 HP / 112 Defense for a Pokemon CANNOT be done because the maximum EV count for any one stat is 255.
An EV spread of 252 HP / 252 Attack CAN be done because both stats are under 255, and both numbers add up to a sum lower than 510 (in this case, 504).
An EV set of 100 HP / 252 Defense / 252 Speed for a Pokemon CANNOT be done because 252 + 252 + 100 is 604. The MAXIMUM sum of EVs for any one Pokemon cannot be over 510.
An EV Spread of 100 Attack / 252 Speed / 56 Special Attack CAN be done because each number is lower than 255, and when all the numbers are added up, they are not higher than 510 (in this case, 408). This, of course, is not a desirable spread because not all of the Pokemon's EVs have been used, but it's here as an example.

EV increases don't show themselves automatically after level up. Don't cry if you kill 20 Lapras' (40 HP EVs) and you don't get the ten HP points right away after level up (40 EVs divided by 4 for each original stat increase). The results will all be there by the time your Pokemon gets to level 100 assuming you're not starting your EV training at a very high level, or you Rare Candy the Pokemon all the way to Lv. 100.

Okay, here's an example of all this. I have an Lucario. Now let's say for argument's sake that its Attack would normally increase by 2 points on level up because of completely natural causes with no kind of EV influence. I beat 2 Arboks, which award 2 Attack EVs each. That means I have accumulated 4 Attack EVs, meaning my Lucario's Attack stat will increase by 3 points instead of 2 when it reaches the next level. So I go on, and beat 126 Arboks. 126 Arboks x 2 EVs for each Arbok = 252 total Attack EVs for the Lucario. Now that's just the EV points, and for each Attack stat increase, it takes 4 EVs. So we divide 252 by 4 to get 63. Eventually, Lucario's Attack stat will be 63 points higher than it normally would.

But why would you give it 252 instead of 255, which you said is the maximum?
Well, 255 isn't divisible by 4. The closest number to 255 that is divisible by 4 is 252. You would be wasting your EV count if you gave it the extra 3 Attack EVs because it takes 4 EVs to increase the Attack stat. The 3 extra EVs would be completely useless, and not contribute to its Attack stat.

So we used up 252 EVs of our allotted 510 maximum. So let's do the same thing that we did with the Attack stat to, say, the Speed stat. We beat a Pokemon that gives 2 Speed EVs per KO 126 times. Making our Speed EVs 252. Now we have maximized Lucario's Attack and Speed to as high as they can be made through EV-training. Yes you should be scared if I use it in battle.

So now, we have used up 504 of our allotted 510 EVs. Again, we only went to 252 EVs because the other three would be wasteful. Now because of that ignored 3 EVs for both Attack and Special Defense, we now have 6 EVs that we can use to increase another stat with. The increase will only be 1 point, but it's better than nothing. So we beat 3 Chanseys for 6 EVs and our HP EV increases by one.

But it takes 4 EVs to increase a stat, so why would you beat 3 Chanseys knowing you would reach the maximum and that third Chansey would be useless? In the end, you'll be wasting 2 EVs. Big whoop. That's just how the system works.

EVing Tools

Let's face it-nobody wants to beat 126 Chanseys in the wild so that they can get 252 HP EVs for their Pokemon. There are several ways in the game that you can quicken the EV-training process.


Remember that Guru guy who sold Proteins, Irons, Calciums, etc. for $9800? It indeed is a high price, but these items are very beneficial in EV-training. When you give one to one of your Pokemon, it will add 10 EV points to that stat. HP Up adds 10 HP EVs to a Pokemon, Calcium adds 10 Special Attack EVs, etc. But once again, this would make EV-training far too easy, and so limits have been made for the amount of vitamins can be used on a Pokemon.

The first thing you should know is vitamins will only work for the FIRST 100 EVs. This means if your Pokemon has 90 Atk, you can only give it one Protein and if you try to give it another one it will say "it won't have any effect". Once its EVs hit 100 you have to seek other methods of raising its Attack. If you're the kind of person who likes to walk around with intense amounts of money in your pocket (maybe you have a bodyguard or don't mind being mugged), you could easily buy 10 HP Ups, 10 Proteins, 10 Irons, 10 Carbos', 10 Zincs and 1 Calcium, spoil one of your Pokemon rotten with all of them, and maximize that Pokemon's EVs. Just keep in mind that's an example and a Pokemon with that spread of EVs would be a real mess.

Power Items

Acquired from the Battle Park for 16 BP each, the 6 Power items, when held by a Pokemon, increase its EVs in the respectable stat by 4. They don't require that you kill the right kind of Pokemon, it simply adds 4 EVs to the respectable stat. Here's a list of the Power items, and what they increase:

Macho Brace Macho Brace-Doubles the amount of EVs.
Power Weight Power Weight-Adds 4 HP EVs.
Power Bracer Power Bracer-Adds 4 Attack EVs.
Power Belt Power Belt-Adds 4 HP EVs.
Power Lens Power Lens-Adds 4 Special Attack EVs.
Power Band Power Band-Adds 4 Special Defense EVs.
Power Anklet Power Anklet-Adds 4 Speed EVs.

It should be noted that each one lowers your Speed stat upon entering battle, although that isn't usually an issue.

In general, the Power items are more effective than the Macho Brace. When you battle a Pokemon that gives 1 EV point, Macho Brace gives you 2, while the correct Power item gives you 5. When battling a Pokemon that gives 2 EVs, a Macho Brace doubles the EVs to 4, while a Power item increases it to 6. Even with Pokerus taken into consideration, Power items in the end give you more EVs.


A rare virus that can infect Pokemon, Pokerus also doubles a Pokemon's EVs, just as the Macho Brace. The Pokerus is a temporary condition, subsiding usually around 3 days of first becoming infected, and can spread to a neighboring Pokemon if the infected Pokemon is in one's party. After 3 days of having the Pokerus, the Pokemon will become cured, but the benefit of having its EVs doubled remains, meaning you don't have a 3-day timeline to take advantage of it during EV-training, although it can no longer spread Pokerus to any Pokemon that are in the party.

Bronzor with Pokerus
In generation 4, a Pokemon who has the Pokerus will have
a Pokerus symbol next to its level display on its summary screen.
Monferno with +2 in Attack
In generation 4, a Pokemon who is cured of the Pokerus will have
a smiley face on the right side of its picture.

When a Pokemon is deposited in the PC, the 3-day limit is suspended, and resumes when you take it back out into your party. If you plan to EV-train frequently, a useful trick is to get a Pokerus-infected Pokemon, put it in the party for a little while to infect your targeted Pokemon that you want to EV-train, and then put it back into the PC for later use.


Pomeg BerryPomeg Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's HP EVs by 10.
Kelpsy BerryKelpsy Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's Attack EVs by 10.
Qualot BerryQualot Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's Defense EVs by 10.
Hondew BerryHondew Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's Special Attack EVs by 10.
Grepa BerryGrepa Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's Special Defense EVs by 10.
Tamato BerryTamato Berry-Lowers a Pokemon's Speed EVs by 10.

If your Pokemon has 101 or more EVs in any one stat, giving it one of these berries will set that stat's EV count to 100. If you continue to give it the corresponding berry, the EVs will decrease by 10 each time. In other words a Pokemon who has 170 Atk EVs who is fed Kelpsy berries will experience a decrease of 170>100, 100>90, 90>80, etc.

This means to take away all of a Pokemon's EVs away from it (if it has more than 101 EVs in the stat), 11 of the correct berries are needed. This is useful if you believe that you EVed your Pokemon incorrectly, or are trying to find out approximately how many EVs a Pokemon has in one stat. The latter method isn't accurate on Pokemon with 101+ EVs in a stat because it could be anywhere between 101 and 255. In the event that it does have less than 101 EVs, it only gives you a 10-point range of what the stat could be, since each berry always takes away 10 EVs.

EV-Training Hotspots

As we mentioned before you need to beat Pokemon to increase your EVs. Here is our list of the best places to EV-train. They have been researched and compared and to our immediate knowledge are the most effective places. Of course if you have a better method feel free to comment below.

Wild Pokemon


Route 201 (west of Sandgem Town)-Bidoof are very common here, and give 1 HP EV. Starlies often conflict with constant Bidoof sightings, so a Pokeradar is useful here.
Route 205 (east of Floaroma Town)-Shellos are common here, as well as Bidoof, who both give 1 HP EV. They appear around level 8.
Route 212 (west of Pastoria City)-Quagsire and Shellos can be found here. Quagsire gives 2 HP EVs, while Shellos, as said before, gives 1. Gastrodon can be found while Surfing, and gives 2 HP EVs. These Pokemon appear around levels 23-26.

Route 207 (North of Oreburgh City)-Machop are abundant in the tall grass, who award 1 Attack EV each. Stantlers can also be found here, but only with a Pokeradar. They appear around levels 6-9.
Route 210 North (North of Solaceon Town)-Bibarel and Machoke can be found here, who award 2 Attack EVs. Scyther, Bagon and Zangoose award 1 EV point EV each, although Bagon requires a Pokeradar, and Zangoose requires that Pokemon Ruby is inserted into the DS GBA slot. These Pokemon appear around levels 28-30, so it might not be suitable for a weaker Pokemon who you have just obtained.
Route 202-Shinx are common here, and award 1 Attack EV.
Nearly any place where there is water-With a Super Rod, Gyarados and Seaking can be found, who both award 2 Attack EVs. These Pokemon usually appear over level 50, so this might not be suitable for lower-leveled Pokemon.

Oreburgh Mine-Onix and Geodude are abundant here. Geodude awards 1 Defense EV, while Onix gives 2. They appear around levels 5-10.
Iron Island-Arguably the best spot in the game. Geodudes, Rhyhorns and Gravelers are abundant here, as well as the occasional Steelix. They appear around levels 30-35.
Route 227 and outside of Stark Mountain-Gravelers, Weezings and Skarmories can be found here, all awarding 2 Defense EVs. Rhyhorn, who can also be found here, gives 1 Defense EV. They are less common than on Iron Island, but are higher in level.

Special Attack
Fuego Ironworks-Magnemite are abundant here, awarding 1 Special Attack EV. The occasional Magmar gives 2 Special Attack EVs. They appear around level 30.
Route 224 (North of the Resort Area)-Gloom, Roselia and Beautifly can be found here. Gloom and Roselia give 2 Special Attack EVs, while Beautifly gives 3. Their levels are 50+, and are somewhat rare, however.

Special Defense
Nearly any body of water-Tentacool gives 1 Special Defense EV, and is quite common. Those who have played since the old days will know this very well. ;)
Route 218 (east of Canalave City)-Tentacool and Tentacruel can be found in the water, while Mr. Mimes can be found in the grass. Mr. Mime gives 2 Special Defense EVs.
Route 223 (North of Sunyshore)-Tentacruels are abundant here, awarding 2 Special Defense EVs. The occasional Mantyke gives 1 EV. They are found around levels 30-50.

Route 201 (west of Sandgem)-Starly are abundant here, and give 1 Speed EV. They are at a very low level, making it a notable route for newly-hatched Pokemon.
Trophy Garden-Pikachu and Staravia can be found here, giving 2 Speed EVs. Plusle, Minun and Meowth can also appear if you are willing to soft-reset with Mr. Backlot.
Route 225 (North of the Fight Area)-Fearow and Raticate are common here, awarding 2 Speed EVs each. They appear around level 50, however.


Celadon City-In the water near the Game Corner, Grimer are abundant, and award 1 HP EV each. You might want to avoid Muk, however, as it awards an Attack EV, as well.
Nearly any route-At night, HootHoot are abundant in nearly any grassy area in Kanto and Sinnoh. They award 1 HP EV each. Route 43 (South of the Lake of Rage) and Routes 14 and 15 (East of Fucshia City) are also notable because Noctowl can sometimes appear, who award 2 HP EVs.
Tohjo Falls-Slowpoke are common here, and yield 1 HP EV.

Route 44 (East of Mahogany Town)-Weepinbell are common in the grass that is between the two lakes on this route, and award 2 Attack EVs.
Mt. Mortar-Machop are common here, and give 1 Attack EV.
Route 29 (West of New Bark Town)-Sentret are easily found here, and give 1 Attack EV.
Ice Path-Swinub are common here, giving 1 Attack EV, as well.

Nearly any cave-Geodude appear almost everywhere. Union Cave is notable, as Onix sometimes appear. Both give 1 Defense EV.
Viridian Forest-Metapod and Kakuna both give 2 Defense EVs, and are relatively easy to find.

Special Attack
Ruins of Alph-Although out of the way, taking the Union Cave to another part of the Ruins of Alph will bring you to a grassy area where Natu show up very often.

Special Defense
Nearly any body of water-Tentacool award 1 Special Defense EV each. Route 40 and 41 (route with the Whirl Islands) are likely the best choice, as Tentacruel show up at times, who give 2 Special Defense EVs.

Ilex Forest-Weedle are everywhere, especially at night, and give 1 Speed EV.
Sprout Tower/Bell Tower-Rattatas. They give 1 Speed EV each.

Black / White & Black / White 2
Because there are a lot of different Pokemon with different level ranges, rarities and EV supplements, I decided to make some of this section table-based for your convenience.

Location Pokemon Approx. Level EVs Rarity
Icirrus City / Moor of Icirrus - Surfing Stunfisk 15 - 35 HP - 2 100%
Nearly Any Route Audino 2 - 60 HP - 2 ~80%
Route 8 Palpitoad 30 - 33 HP - 2 40%
Dragonspiral Tower [Non-Winter] Tranquill 30 - 33 Atk - 2 20%
Dragonspiral Tower Mienfoo 30 - 33 Atk - 1 30%
Dragonspiral Tower Druddigon 30 - 33 Atk - 2 10%
Route 1 Patrat 2 - 4 Atk - 1 50%
Route 1 Lillipup 2 - 4 Atk - 1 50%
Route 1 (Double Grass) Herdier 32 - 34 [BW], 56 - 59 [BW2] Atk - 2 50%
Route 1 (Double Grass) Watchog 32 - 34 [BW], 56 - 59 [BW2] Atk - 1 [Black / White]
Atk - 2 [Black / White 2]
Route 7 Tranquill 26 - 28 Atk - 2 30%
Route 7 Watchog 26 - 28 Atk - 1 [Black / White]
Atk - 2 [Black / White 2]
Relic Castle [B2F and lower] Krookorok 34 - 37 Atk - 2 50%
Twist Mountain [Winter] Cubchoo 28 - 30 Atk - 1 45%
Cold Storage Herdier 21 - 23 Atk - 2 35%
Nature Preserve [BW2] Nuzleaf 56 - 57 Atk - 2 30%
Village Bridge Bibarel 47 - 49 Atk - 2 25%
Village Bridge Zangoose 47 - 49 Atk - 2 15%
Twist Mountain [Non-Winter] Gurdurr 28 - 30 Atk - 2 30%
Relic Castle Sandile 19 - 22 Atk - 1 50%
Route 9 Garbodor 31 - 32 Atk - 2 20%
Route 9 Pawniard 31 - 32 Atk - 1 20%
Nature Preserve [BW2] Nuzleaf 56 - 57 Atk - 2 30%
Twist Mountain [Winter] Gurdurr 28 - 30 Atk - 2 10%
Twist Mountain [Non-Winter] Boldore 28 - 30 Atk - 1, Def - 1 45%
Twist Mountain [Winter] Boldore 28 - 30 Atk - 1, Def - 1 30%
Relic Castle [B2F and lower] Cofagrigus 34 - 37 Def - 2 50%
Relic Castle Yamask 19 - 22 Def - 1 50%
Route 8 Shelmet 30 - 33 Def - 1 40%
Castelia Sewers [BW2] Rattata 14 - 17 Spd - 1 45%
Castelia Sewers [BW2] Zubat 14 - 17 Spd - 1 45%
Victory Road Forest [Black 2 / White 2] Cottonee [Black 2 Only] 47 - 50 Spd - 1 70%
Route 7 Zebstrika 26 - 28 Spd - 2 20%
Route 7 Deerling 26 - 28 Spd - 1 20%
Dragonspiral Tower Deerling 30 - 33 Spd - 1 30%
Cold Storage Minccino 21 - 23 Spd - 1 20%
Route 9 Minccino 31 - 32 Spd - 1 20%
Route 9 Liepard 31 - 32 Spd - 2 10%
Victory Road Forest [Black 2 / White 2] Petilil [White 2 Only] 47 - 50 Sp Atk - 1 70%
Victory Road Forest [Black 2 / White 2] Roselia 47 - 50 Sp Atk - 2 30%
Celestial Tower Litwik 26 - 29 Sp Atk - 1 100%
Route 9 Duosion [White Only] 31 - 32 Sp Atk - 2 30%
Dragonspiral Tower [Winter Only] Vanillite 31 - 33 Sp Atk - 1 30%
Cold Storage [Winter Only] Vanillite 20 - 23 Sp Atk - 1 30%
Village Bridge Golduck 47 - 49 Sp Atk - 2 25%
Route 25 [Black 2 / White 2] Frillish 30 - 45 Sp Def - 1 70%
Route 25 [Black 2 / White 2] Mantyke 30 - 45 Sp Def - 1 25%
Route 17 Frillish 5 - 15
[Black / White]

45 - 60
[Black 2 / White 2]
Sp Def - 1 100%
Route 9 Gothorita [Black Only] 31 - 32 Sp Def - 2 30%

X / Y

With the addition of Pokemon hordes, EV-training a Pokemon becomes much much easier! By using a move that can strike and OHKO each wild Pokemon in a horde, you can get 5x the results you would normally get because of the extra 4 Pokemon that appear in the horde!

To do this the quickest and easiest way, follow these steps:

  1. Get yourself a Pokemon with Sweet Scent and another that is at a very high level with a move that can attack all targets in a battle. The goal is to OHKO all 5 Pokemon in one shot, so make sure your Pokemon is at a high-enough level. Those moves are:

    • Air Cutter
    • Blizzard
    • Dark Void
    • Electroweb
    • Eruption
    • Glaciate
    • Heat Wave
    • Hyper Voice
    • Icy Wind
    • Muddy Water
    • Powder Snow
    • Razor Leaf
    • Rock Slide
    • Surf
    • Swift
    • Twister
    • Water Spout

  2. Turn off battle animations (optional, it will make the process faster) and give the Pokemon you are EVing a Power item or Macho Brace and / or Pokerus.
  3. Put your strong Pokemon who has the multiple target move at the top of your Pokemon list, and ensure the Exp. Share is turned on. Be careful not to bring along extra Pokemon whose EVs might be undesirably increased!
  4. Go to a location below and continue using Sweet Scent to OHKO 5 Pokemon at a time with your multiple-target attack Pokemon.

In Pokemon X and Y, a Pokemon will get EVs for each Pokemon that is knocked out. What this means is if you were to OHKO 5 Wingulls at once, a Pokemon who has a Power Anklet will receive 25 Speed EVs in just one battle! You can mix this up by giving it a Power Bracer, for example, and get 20 Attack EVs and 5 Speed EVs.

Location Horde Pokemon Level TOTAL EVs Rarity Add'l Hordes
Victory Road Geodude, Graveler 25 Def - 1 [Geodude], Def - 2 [Graveler] 80% Lickitung [2 HP EVs]
Route 12 Mareep 13 SpAtk - 1 40% Wingull [1 Spd EV]
Route 12 Wingull 13 Spd - 1 60% Mareep [1 Sp Atk EV]
Route 7 Hoppip (Purple Flowers) 10 Sp Def - 1 70% Roselia [1 Sp Atk, Yellow Flowers]
Route 7 Roselia (Yellow Flowers) 7 Sp Atk - 1 70% Hoppip [1 Sp Def, Purple Flowers]
Route 5 Gulpin 7 HP - 1 50% Scraggy [1 Atk]
Route 5 Scraggy 7 Atk - 1 50% Gulpin [1 HP]

Trainer Hotspots (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Route 209 (South of Solaceon Town)-Cowgirl Shelly-In Diamond and Pearl, she has 5 Bidoofs, making this one of the best methods of getting HP EVs in the game. Unfortunately, they were taken out in Pokemon Platinum. Thanks, Nintendo!
Route 213 (east of Pastoria City)-Tuber Jared-He has 3 Gastrodons who give 2 HP EVs each, although they are all at level 51.
Nearly any Pokemon Center-Idol Grace-She has 6 Clefairies, who give 2 HP EVs each. It doesn't get much better than this. The catch is that you can only battle her once per day.
Route 212-Fisherman Travis-He has 3 Barboaches and a Shellos, all of who give 1 HP EV.
Battleground / Top Trainer Cafe-Cheryl-She has a Drifblim, Wobbuffet, Hariyama, Wailord and Blissey, giving you a whopping 11 HP EVs without the use of any Power items. But of course, there is a catch. This only happens if you actually catch Cheryl in the cafe, and because the trainers are randomly set there each day, there's no guarantee. This is still a very notable spot, though. Her Pokemon are around levels 60, so be warned.

Route 213 (East of Pastoria City)-Swimmer Shelton-He has 3 Gyarados' who give 2 Attack EVs each. They are at level 32.
Route 220-Swimmer Jessica-3 Goldeens (1 Attack EV each), and a Seaking (2 Attack EVs) at levels 30-33.
Cycling Road-Cyclist John-Farfetch'd, Dodrio and Staraptor, but they're between levels 57-59. Useful if Water-types aren't your Pokemon's fancy.

Route 228 (Sandstorm area north of the Resort Area)-Pokemon Ranger Krista-2 Lairons and 2 Marowaks, who give 2 Defense EVs each. They're all at level 57, though.
Route 207 (North of Oreburgh City)-Hiker Kevin-He's the most lucrative trainer for Defense EVing, but is outclassed for the most part by Oreburgh Mine, where Geodudes are everywhere. Useful if you're looking for a higher-levelled group of Pokemon, as his Pokemon are between levels 17-19.

Special Attack
Route 212 South (west of Pastoria City)-Scientist Shawn-A Magneton and Alakazam in their 50s. Magneton gives 2 EVs, while Alakazam gives 3. He requires rematches to get his Pokemon to these levels, though.
Route 213 (West of Pastoria City)-Swimmer Evan-2 Golducks, who give 2 Special Attack EVs each. No rematches needed.

Special Defense
Platinum was a meanie to Special Defense, there are no trainers that give nothing but Special Defense. The listed trainers are the most lucrative there are. In general, you're better off battling wild Pokemon.

Route 230 (east of the Fight Area)-Swimmer Sophia-2 Mantykes, who give 2 EVs each.
Route 224 -Dragon Tamer Hayden-He has 2 Altarias, and a Kingdra that you will probably want to avoid (Kingdra gives 1 EV in Attack, Sp Atk and Sp Def). The Altarias give 2 Sp Def EVs each. All of these Pokemon are at Lv. 60.

Route 205 North (West of Eterna City)-Fisherman Andrew-The best Speed EV-training in the game. He has a whopping 6 Magikarps, who all give 1 Speed EV. Being Magikarps, they're very easy to take down, as they are all at level 10.
Route 211 West (east of Eterna City)-Ninja Boy Zach-If you can't handle Magikarps, this is the next best option. Zach has a Golbat and 2 Crobats that are all at level 51. Golbat gives 2 Speed EVs, and Crobat gives 3. It requires a few rematches to get the 3 Pokemon to evolve, but is still a great option for higher levels.
Cycling Roat-Cyclist Kayla-She has a Plusle (1 EV), Minun (1 EV) and a Raichu (3 EVs) if you are tired of Magikarp.

Common Questions

Does my Pokemon get EVs when it is put in Day-Care?

-No. Day-Care, Wi-Fi battles, Battle Frontier/Tower matches and Rare Candies have no effect on a Pokemon's EVs whatsoever.

How can I find out how many EVs my Pokemon has?

-In Pokemon X and Y you can use the reset bag during super training. When the bag breaks it will tell you how many EVs were removed from each stat. However in prior games there is no fully direct way to do this. The most effective way in those games is to find your Pokemon's IVs, put them into an online Pokemon IV calculator, and then perform trial and error with the EV values until you find the exact stats of your Pokemon. Of course, to get accurate results, the Pokemon needs to be at a very high level (IV battles can also be used to help find the exact amount of EVs for a Pokemon, as well). One definite way to tell if your Pokemon's EVs have been maxed out is to go to Sunyshore City, and speak with the lady in the store that is northwest of the Pokemon Center. She will award your Pokemon with a ribbon if its EVs have been maxed-out. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to be extremely careful when EV-training to avoid making mistakes, as it is nearly impossible to find the exact EVs of a Pokemon whose level is not extremely high.

If I switch out my Pokemon in battle, does it still get EVs? And does Exp. Share give a Pokemon EVs?

-Yes. If you send out a Pokemon, and return it, it will receive the same amount of EVs as it would if it beat the Pokemon itself. If a Pokemon is holding an Exp. Share, and does not participate in the battle it will still receive EVs. EVs are not split between Pokemon, like Exp is. So if you retreat a Ralts into a Turtwig, and defeat a Starly, both Ralts and Turtwig will receive 1 Speed EV.

Why should I even bother with EVing? It seems like a lot to learn for no gain.

EV stat increases are a staple of competitive Pokemon battling. Without the proper EVs a Pokemon will not be able to do its role as well in any battle. A 60-70 stat point difference (no EVs in a stat vs fully EVed with 252) makes a huge impact on taking and dealing damage as well as determining if you will move before the foe does or not. Of course if you just want to play casually you can ignore EVs, but you will be short-changing yourself.

Can I EV-train a Pokemon that is at level 100?

-In games prior to Black and White (Black 2 and White 2?), Yes, you can. In prior games you have no such luck. To keep track of EV increases in post Black and White, you can deposit the Pokemon and then withdraw it again - this will recalculate its stats.

My Pokemon has the Pokerus, and is holding a Power item/Macho Brace. How are the EVs distributed?

-If one of your Pokemon has both Pokerus and a Power item, the sum of its Power item is accounted first, and then Pokerus would double the EVs. As an example, a Gligar who has Pokerus and a Power Bracer, and who defeats a Shinx would receive EVs as follows:

(1 + 4) * 2 = 10 Attack EVs.

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