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RNG Abuse - The Easy Way-Ever wanted to get a shiny Pokemon from an egg? This tutorial to the Masuda Method has detailed explanations that will allow you to acquire nearly any Pokemon you desire in its shiny form by breeding!

Introduction to NFE-A guide written by Cirrus that introduces key concepts in NFE battling, and a list of Pokemon to consider when constructing a NFE team.

Hidden Power Chart-This tool will give you the highest IV combination that is required for each type of Hidden Power in the game.

Guide to EVs-Another guide written by Cirrus that introduces Effort Values, or EVs. It includes EV-training hotspots, and the effects of certain berries, Power items, the Pokerus and different wild Pokemon battles have on a Pokemon's statistical growth.

Berry Chart-A full list of all the berries, and their effects from the fourth generation of Pokemon. Credit to Rok for the list.

Introduction to Competitive Battling-New to Wi-Fi battling? This guide is a must-read. It covers all the basic elements that a good competitive Pokemon battler should know. It is recommended to read this before reading the Intro to NFE article if you are one of these people.

Guide to Individual Values-Are you a newbie to competitive battling? Don't worry, we all start somewhere! Reading this guide will help you get an understanding of a Pokemon's individual values, which play a key role in your Pokemon's strength.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Rematch Calendar-A full calendar detailing when each Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver gym leader leaves their gym (allowing you to get their phone number), and when they are available for a rematch.

Setting up a Pokemon Online Server-Many people have asked how to set up their own Pokemon Online server up, and this tutorial shows you how to do it!

Pokemon Black & White New Abilities-A detailed chart that shows all the new Pokemon Black and White abilities, what Pokemon get them, and exactly what they do! Released Dream World Abilities-A constantly-updated list of all Pokemon who can legally have their Dream World abilities! Details on how to obtain them is also included.

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